Who We Are


Josi W. Konski - President and CEO

Arriving in the US from Cuba at a young age, Josi finished high school then studied to become an Aeronautical Engineer at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  After graduation he served on active duty with the US Air Force for 7 years.

Josi is a well-respected professional with an extensive track record who has made Motion Pictures for Columbia, Paramount, Sony, Lorimar, Universal, Vestron, New Century, Cannon, Vista, Viacom (Showtime) as well as numerous independent production companies. Josi has either Produced, Written or Directed over 60 feature length Motion Pictures with such well known actors as Robert Downey Jr., Steven Baldwin, Claudia Schiffer, Alison Eastwood, Danny Nucci, Burt Reynolds, William Forsythe, Andy Garcia, Kathleen Turner, Peter Weller, Robert Duvall, Kelly McGillis, Christopher Walken, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Raul Julia, Beverly D'Angelo, Amy Irving, Linda Blair, Ernest Borgnine, Lorraine Bracco, Charles Durning, Dietrich Bader, Nicole Eggert, Jonathan Winters, Paul Mazursky, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Ray Sharkey, John Saxon, Tomas Milian, George Newbern, Lee Horsley, Dillon MacDermoth, Jennifer Rubin, Jackie Mason, Lisa Hartman, Frederic Forrest, Balthazar Getty, Giancarlo Esposito, Bo Swenson, Stuart Whitman, Christine Lathi, Ken Wahl, Judge Reinhold.

Fluent in Spanish and Italian, Josi entered the Motion Picture industry as a DGA Assistant Director, then Production Manager and worked his way up to become a Writer, Director and Producer.

Josi’s first Motion Picture was "KING FRAT" in 1974. His directorial debut was on “Freddie of the Jungle” in 1980.  In recent years his production of “Friends & Lovers” was released theatrically in the US by Lionsgate, Universal for Video and DVD and on HBO for cable TV. The Motion Picture stars Robert Downey Jr., Stephen Baldwin, Claudia Schiffer, Danny Nucci and Alison Eastwood.  On May 7th, 1987 Xavier Suarez, then Mayor of the City of Miami, proclaimed that date as "Josi W. Konski Day" for his community work.

Juan J. Llauro – Vice President Production & Development.

Mr. Llauro has over 20 years of experience in the motion picture, entertainment and financial fields.    After graduating with honors and a degree in Communications form the University of Miami he was hired by HBO and moved to their West coast headquarters in Los Angeles.

During his tenure at HBO he developed over 20 network television programs including the hit shows “Martin”, “ROC” and the “The Ben Stiller Show all for the Fox Television Network.

Then, he was promoted as a founding member of the Latino division of HBO named Tropix. During his tenure at that division Mr. Llauro was integral in the launch of the highly successful FOX LATIN AMERICA CHANNEL throughout  South America and in addition he  went on to develop and produce the renown HBO comedy series “Loco Slam” starring Carlos Mencia and Paul Rodriguez.

Upon completing his tenure at HBO he joined Laguna Entertainment (the predecessor of Astrablu Media, Inc. a public company) where he served as the Vice President of Production and Development. Where his duties encompassed all the commercials, music videos and feature films developed and produced by the company including the feature films “Magic Island” distributed by Paramount, “Filter: Phenomenology” distributed by Warner, “Big City Blues” and “Friends and Lovers” distributed by Lionsgate.

He departed Laguna Entertainment for a short time during the re-organization of the company as a public entity and began to utilize his Series 7 and Series 66 Securities License to manage the assets of affluent individuals and company retirement plans, initially at Morgan Stanley and later at UBS Financial.

Now that Astrablu is back in full swing Mr. Llauro has re-joined his friends at the company as VP of Development and Production.

Benni Korzen - Vice President Productions

Since moving to The United States from his native Denmark, Benni has produced, line- produced or Executive produced over 30 feature Motion Pictures on budgets ranging from under $1 Million to over $15 Million.

Credits include: GIRL IN A SWING  (Miramax), MR. NANNY (New Line Cinema), AND YOU THOUGHT YOUR PARENTS WERE WEIRD (Trimark), NOBODY’S PERFECT (Moviestore), BABETTE’S FEAST (Academy Award Winner) (Orion Classics), MISFIT BRIGADE (Trans World Entertainment), ALONE IN THE DARK (New Line Cinema), DOKTOR GLAS (20th Century Fox) in partnership with Just Betzer, with whom Benni co-owned Panorama Films International, New York.

Benni worked with Just Betzer on a slate of feature projects include BABETTE” FEAST (Remake), COLORADO DREAMS and HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN.

In addition, Benni has produced 5 movies with Rankin & Bass. 

Benni has served as the General Partner in 2 Limited Partnerships that invested in 6 feature Motion Pictures distributed by New Line Cinema.